Wars of the World: Turkish War of Independence 1919-23
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Capt. Bilge Khan
2008-05-24 09:39:46 UTC
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Wars of the World
Armed Conflict Events Data - Events in the Nations of the World 1800-1999

Turkey (formerly Ottoman Empire) 1800-1999 :

Turkish War of Independence 1919-23

After World War I ended, the victorious allied European powers
occupied the Ottoman Empire with the intention of dismembering it.
The Young Turk (CUP) government fled into exile. The last
Ottoman sultan, Muhammad VI Vahideddin (1861-1926), was convinced
that resistance to the Allies was futile, but the Young Turk
Mustafa Kemal, later Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938), refused to
capitulate, and the emergence of modern Turkey is a monument to
his perseverance, immortalized in his name after 1934: Kemal
("the perfect") Ataturk ("Father of the Turks"). In 1919, he
gained an official post in Anatolia (Asian Turkey), from which
he led a national resistance movement against both the sultan's
armies and Greek occupying forces. Kemal also became, in 1919,
leader of the Association of the Rights of Anatolia and Rumelia
at a congress at Erzurum; his group forced Constantinople
(Istanbul), seat of the government, to yield in 1920 and pass a
"National Pact" asserting Turkish boundaries extant on November
11, 1918, Armistice Day ending World War I. In response, the
Allies occupied Constantinople, arrested deputies, and began
military opposition to the Kemalists, or nationalists. Civil war
erupted, and Kemal, through a provisional parliament in Ankara,
declared the sultan to be under foreign control and appealed for
all Muslims to fight foreign aggrandizement. A new Fundamental
Law in 1921 gave sovereignty to the Turkish people and named the
nation Turkey. The civil war now flared up. The Greeks were
defeated at the Battle of the Sakarya River in 1921 and
retreated painfully until they surrendered in September 1922, at
Smyrna (Izmir). The Kemalists received international recognition
in 1921 and 1922: a treaty with Russia, Italian withdrawal of
troops, French abandonment of Cilicia in Turkey, the return of
Constantinople and Thrace to Turkish control. In 1922, the
Kemalist parliament began the abolishment of the sultanate, and
the Lausanne Conference in Switzerland (November 1922-July 1923)
established modern Turkey's borders, arranged the exchange of
Greek and Turkish minorities, and made the straits of the
Dardanelles and Bosporus international. Turkey was proclaimed a
republic on October 29, 1923, with Kemal Ataturk as its first president.

Panta Rhei
2008-05-24 11:18:13 UTC
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Wars of the World
Armed Conflict Events Data - Events in the Nations of the World 1800-1999
Turkish War of Independence 1919-23
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